The Age of Spiritual Machines

I can’t believe that, in this day and age of digital this and that, I am being held hostage by a temperamental VCR. An analog, no-nonsense, not-even-stereo VCR at that. Nevermind that I only require its services but once a week, when I (attempt to) tape the Sopranos for a friend. Do you think perhaps machines have a soul? Has my trusty little bessie had enough of the senseless violence and stereotype-mongering it’s forced to faithfully record, week after week?


I remember a time in my life not long ago when taking time to invent April Fools’ pranks for my best friends was the thing to do. Now it just seems impractical. Ah well, happy April Fools (belated, no less).


So here’s the story: I’ve been paralyzed with FUD for some time, nervously watching the ground fall out from under the web economy, wondering how it will affect me personally and, most importantly… when. So I’ve been picking up web-based skills when things are slow at work, and picking up new freelance work to do from home. For some reason the hardest part of preparing for the possible rainy season to come has been… putting up a self-promotional website. Oh, I have amassed content galore: the problem has been…. design. Wait, I’m a web designer, right? And I can’t design my own site?? Precisely. This blog page is my first semi-successful baby-step in that direction since… well, since my ‘first’ website, way back in ’98. Nuts!!