Today I learned

Today I learned that Macedonia, the republic, has little to do with that other Macedonia. Not only that, but that, apparently, greeks and macedonians disagree on this point, making the whole thing infinitely more complicated than I ever intended to discover. Darn. I feel like the guy who finds out that he’s been singing the lyrics to his favorite song wrong all these years.

Bad Memories

I wish I had thought to save the transcript of my chat with rr tech-support. So now I have nothing but memories – and this post – to remind me not to bother seeking help there.


Our T3 was down all morning. Wow. Funny how disconnected that makes you feel when you’re online all the time. So inevitably I had to turn my chair away from the monitor (after all, what work is there to do if it’s not web-work?) and — gasp! — face my cohorts here at work. Some of the best conversations I’ve had here in a long time… And seeing as how no one (besides our IT guy) was feeling pressured by actually having to do work the atmosphere at the office was downright pleasant. I’m sure I’ll look back on this one day and laugh about it all.


So here’s the story: I’ve been paralyzed with FUD for some time, nervously watching the ground fall out from under the web economy, wondering how it will affect me personally and, most importantly… when. So I’ve been picking up web-based skills when things are slow at work, and picking up new freelance work to do from home. For some reason the hardest part of preparing for the possible rainy season to come has been… putting up a self-promotional website. Oh, I have amassed content galore: the problem has been…. design. Wait, I’m a web designer, right? And I can’t design my own site?? Precisely. This blog page is my first semi-successful baby-step in that direction since… well, since my ‘first’ website, way back in ’98. Nuts!!

Maiden Voyage

maiden voyage. This is it. My first blog post. Look, I’m even using proper capitalization, a rarity for me when I write online. I wonder how long this will last?