Taxes and the internet economic downturn have kept me away. Unbelievably, I’ve hardly played any videogames at all. Yes, I am mortified. So, uhmm, really feeling the need to complete this site so… Portfolio should be open for business this weekend – scout’s honor! Meanwhile, check out my employer’s website – I did all the illustration. Oh, and the company’s logo, too. Greetings to my visitors from U of F, Virginia, New Zealand, and Iran! Cool beans, this internet thing. Be sure to drop me a line and say ‘hi,’ let me know who you are and all (ya, I know you did, Bec. I meant the other folks). See you soon!

Pardon Our Dust

Oh, so get this: this site obviously still very much in its infancy, with lots of scaffolding and pardon our dust signs everywhere… as such, I’ve kept it all very hush hush, only letting a few friends ‘beta test’ it (if you wanna call it that)… and yet, already have been (anonymously) visited from places like Houston, TX, Canada and even Iceland. I don’t know why but that just made my day. Thanks, whoever you are, for a really neat birthday present.

Bad Memories

I wish I had thought to save the transcript of my chat with rr tech-support. So now I have nothing but memories – and this post – to remind me not to bother seeking help there.

Maiden Voyage

maiden voyage. This is it. My first blog post. Look, I’m even using proper capitalization, a rarity for me when I write online. I wonder how long this will last?