Consumer Angst

Finally, someone gets it.

[Edited to protect the verbally-inept, i.e., me]

Err… ever get to wondering why some things which seem so crystal clear to you completely escape the attention of others? Like, ambient noise, for example: some people are just better at tuning stuff out than others, like me. Well, having intrusive advertising in everything from the pen I write with to the side of the building I live in, poking at my senses relentlessly from dawn to dusk, well, it makes me irritable. Even though I’m a media junkie I find that I watch TV less, browse the web less, heck, even go out less, just to avoid the onslaught. (And I don’t even live in a big city! Imagine what I’d be like if I had to install myself a couple billboards down from Times Square?) Yet, no one aside from a couple of cranky designers makes much fuss over this. Jesus, doesn’t it bother you that you have to flip through about three hundred perfume samples before you can get to your monthly Cosmo Quiz?

We put a man on the moon (32 years ago, even!); surely we can devise a better way to make commerce?

Blogs Of Note

Oyea, so I’m reading up on blogs of note and such because, oddly enough, I think that this ‘internet community’ thing really does have some validity somewhere. I’ve made a couple observations:

  • It seems all the witty, well-put-together blogs are run by people who all know each other somehow;
  • No, I don’t know a single one of them. The blogs I list to the left I list because I like, usually because they look awesome or the writing catches my attention. Sometimes, like with glish I love the design one minute, but then the guy goes and changes it and then I don’t like the way it looks anymore (the content is still superb, though), so I remove it. I don’t feel like having a hundred links on there, is all. I hope if anyone I list ever finds his/her way back here that they won’t mind that I liked their site enough to list them. I mainly do it to have a handy place where I can reach their blog when I’m in ‘blog-mode’ (the times when I’m most likely to hit my own page).
  • I don’t hold a candle to some of the more accomplished bloggers out there. Good thing these things aren’t being graded on a curve.
  • While I would like to make out of this a website I truly marvel at I’m not really setting out to do so for the sake of public adulation. Think of it more as me tending a house-plant. The catharsis is nice, but the excuse to make web-and-artistic projects for myself is my main motivator for ‘improving’ this. The site itself is my newsletter/postcard/electric hug to all my connected friends, whether near or far. To my friends and visitors, I KISS YOU.


I remember a time in my life not long ago when taking time to invent April Fools’ pranks for my best friends was the thing to do. Now it just seems impractical. Ah well, happy April Fools (belated, no less).

Today I learned

Today I learned that Macedonia, the republic, has little to do with that other Macedonia. Not only that, but that, apparently, greeks and macedonians disagree on this point, making the whole thing infinitely more complicated than I ever intended to discover. Darn. I feel like the guy who finds out that he’s been singing the lyrics to his favorite song wrong all these years.