Blogs Of Note

Oyea, so I’m reading up on blogs of note and such because, oddly enough, I think that this ‘internet community’ thing really does have some validity somewhere. I’ve made a couple observations:

  • It seems all the witty, well-put-together blogs are run by people who all know each other somehow;
  • No, I don’t know a single one of them. The blogs I list to the left I list because I like, usually because they look awesome or the writing catches my attention. Sometimes, like with glish I love the design one minute, but then the guy goes and changes it and then I don’t like the way it looks anymore (the content is still superb, though), so I remove it. I don’t feel like having a hundred links on there, is all. I hope if anyone I list ever finds his/her way back here that they won’t mind that I liked their site enough to list them. I mainly do it to have a handy place where I can reach their blog when I’m in ‘blog-mode’ (the times when I’m most likely to hit my own page).
  • I don’t hold a candle to some of the more accomplished bloggers out there. Good thing these things aren’t being graded on a curve.
  • While I would like to make out of this a website I truly marvel at I’m not really setting out to do so for the sake of public adulation. Think of it more as me tending a house-plant. The catharsis is nice, but the excuse to make web-and-artistic projects for myself is my main motivator for ‘improving’ this. The site itself is my newsletter/postcard/electric hug to all my connected friends, whether near or far. To my friends and visitors, I KISS YOU.